Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting & Metal Preparation

Before metal parts can successfully be powder coated, it is of paramount importance to make sure they’re clean and, to as high a standard as possible, blemish and mark free. In order to do this, Rayne Powder Coating offer clients a highly reputable shot blasting service from their Stoke-on-Trent based workshop.

Widely used throughout the metalworking, construction and engineering industries, shot blasting allows fabricators to clean, strengthen and prepare their parts before the powder coating process takes place. Using a variety of abrasives from glass and sand to iron and steel, shot blasting is an affordable method of preparing new pieces, or even transforming old ones.

Efficient Shot Blasting Solutions

We possess the technological capabilities to shot blast a wide range of items, with the ability to cater to large, recurrent batches with a rapid turnaround service. As a form of metal treatment, shot blasting doesn’t only improve the look and feel of your items, but also helps to further develop their consistency, quality and durability. By removing marks, blemishes and anomalies at the pre-treatment stage, we reduce the risk of expensive recalls, and ensure a finish that is clean and professional overall.

By offering a wide range of services, including salt spray testing and powder coating, from our Stoke-on-Trent factory, we’re able to provide rapid - and thus profitable - metal fabrication solutions. Working in conjunction with our highly regarded powder coating service, we deliver professionally finished metal parts that are hard-wearing, high quality and visually remarkable. Enquire over the phone or contact us today to learn more, and receive a quote for our shot blasting service.