Salt Spray Testing

Salt spray testing is a relatively low cost method of ascertaining how corrosion resistant your metal parts are, examining the durability of a protective coating, or even preparing items for subsequent steps in the production process. It’s also the most efficient way to ensure your metal products conform to international regulations governing the fabrication industry.

Depending on their purpose, metal parts and components can be exposed to any number of harmful, corrosive substances, from noxious gasses to acid rain and other weathering effects. Salt spray tests are designed to give metal fabricators and manufacturers an informed idea of how long it will take before rust, oxidization and other forms of abrasive damage begin to appear. A salt water solution is applied to the piece over a number of hours in a salt spray testing cabinet; the results are then measured against the manufacturer’s predictions to deem whether or not the items have passed or failed.

Testing at Rayne

Across a wide range of industries, including aerospace engineering, automotive manufacture and construction, your metal parts must conform to a number of regulations and standards before being approved for production and release. The vast majority of these standards require your items to go through a number of hours of salt spray testing to ascertain their corrosion resistance and durability.

Here at Rayne, we have a salt spray testing cabinet versatile enough to cater to a wide variety of metal parts, from small pieces to large, industrial components. Our specialists can also ensure that your pieces conform to a number of international standards required by your industry. Clients can even utilise our industry leading powder coating and shot blasting services.

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