CNC Machining: Quality & Control

Computer Numerical Control (commonly abbreviated in the industry to CNC) machining is a cost-effective method of digitalising metal fabrication. Our CNC machining specialists incorporate your requirements and measurements into our systems using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, allowing us to cater to even the most unique of client briefs. By incorporating CNC machining techniques into our service as standard, we are able to cater to a variety of requirements with minimal risk of human error; as such, our metal products represent a pinnacle in the industry, both in terms of design and durability.

Rayne Precision possess the technology and expertise to fulfil a wide range of orders. We offer CNC turning with a bar feed of up to 60mm and a chunk capacity of 200mm. We also offer a range of CNC milling, drilling and boring services with both horizontal and vertical machining centres. See our Capacities list below for more information, or, alternatively, discuss a project with us personally today on 01782 333917.


  • 3 x Mazak 630 palate horizontal m/c centres

  • 2 x CINCINTTEE 1000meter tables’ vertical m/c centres

  • 3 x Mazak 800 meter tables vertical m/c centres

  • 1 x Matsura 1 meter twin spindle m/c centre

  • 3 x Hass 1000meter table 4th axis m/c centres

  • 1 x Okk 1000 meter m/c centre

  • 2 x kitamura 800mm tables

  • 7 x Mazak quick turn 15s

  • 2 x Mazak quick turn 15s with bar feeds

  • 1 x Danichi Ø40mm with bar feed

  • 1 x Mazak slant 30 Ø250mm chuck 1meter between centres

  • 1 x Mazak quick turn eight 150mm chuck

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